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Criminal Background Check

Directions for Student Criminal Background Check

You have two options for starting the Student Criminal Background Check.

  1. Go to Pre-Check and click on "Students Log In" on the left hand side. Scroll towards the bottom and click UT School of Dentistry.


  1. Go to UTSD Student Criminal Background Check and click on "Apply Here".

Once you enter the application, complete the following steps:

  • Fill in your contact information. The application is based on your email address so if you need to apply again for another background check, remember what email address you used.
  • Click on Begin Application
  • Pay the $44 fee via PayPal to; be sure to record the transaction number.
  • Click Yes if you paid and then Submit Now. Your background check will not be started until payment is received!
  • Read through the Student Information section and provide the Transaction Number from your payment. Click Submit Now.
  • Read through the release and then click Next Section.
  • Provide your Identity Information. You do not need to provide a driver's license number or issue state.
  • Click Next Section.
  • Complete the Current Resident Section
  • Click Next Section.
  • Complete the Previous Address Section
  • Click Next Section.
  • Complete the Criminal Record Information Section.
  • Click Next Section.
  • Electronically sign the Student Release for Background Investigation
  • Click Submit Now.
  • You will then be directed to a screen with your name on it telling you that you have applied for the Student Criminal Background Check.

If you have any questions, please email Amanda.