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Pediatric Dentistry

Nothing is as beautiful as a child's smile. With proper care and regular dental visits, children can reach adulthood with a great smile that is free of dental disease.

The Pediatric Dentistry Department provides dental care for children, from basic to the most complex. We also place emphasis on unique or unusual dental problems in children and can also provide care for those children with unique or unusual medical problems. We seek to recognize the individual and complex needs of patients and their families while guaranteeing that all are served promptly, courteously and with dignity. Child patients can be seen by either pre-doctoral dental students, graduate residents, or by faculty members depending on the complexity of the needs.

Our goal is to train general dentists in the care of children's oral health, provide the advanced training needed to become pediatric dentistry specialists, develop tomorrow's leaders in the specialty of pediatric dentistry, and advance the science of pediatric dental oral health.

The Pediatric Dentistry Department's Clinics provide affordable dental services for children that help improve your child's smile and appearance by preventing cavities & gum disease, and help improve overall oral health.