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Research Interests

The HCBB focuses specifically on laboratory and clinical research, patient care and education in the following areas:

  1. Biomaterials, especially the mechanical and physical properties of oral biomaterials • Head: Joe C. Ontiveros, DDS, MS
  2. Clinical technology (includes CAD/CAM, lasers, point-of-care patient technologies, and transfer of biomedical technologies to clinical practice) • Head: John A. Valenza, DDS
  3. Maxillofacial prosthodontics, including clinical and laboratory research related to treatment outcome and patient satisfaction, longevity and appearance (mechanical and physical properties)  • Head: Sudarat Kiat-amnuay, DDS, MS
  4. Color and appearance research (includes evaluation of fundamental optical properties of oral and maxillofacial tissues, testing of existing products and invention of new materials, clinical and didactic tools) • Rade D. Paravina, DDS, MS, PhD
  5. Oral health prevention and risk assessment (includes caries management by risk assessment - CAMBRA, dental caries susceptibility, dental disease prevention and control, minimal invasive operative care, fluoride releasing materials, and remineralizing agents) • Head: Ana Neumann, DDS, MPH, PhD